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Help n00b with lesson06 Pls!!!

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In NeHe''s lesson 06 I tried to play with code. I''d like to use 6 bmp, one for each side of cube; I took 6 images (called them 0.bmp, 1.bmp... e.t.c.). const short int index (6); GLuint texture[index]; // Storage For Textures I think that strings are correct. But In the next part of code I faced difficulties. I have problems with LoadGLTextures(). I need your help! Pls! I can’t get what code I shall write in that function to use every 6 image correct. Pls! Could u send me right code for that lesson with using 6 bmp? My mail – Or explain what shall I right in that code? P.S. I’m learning OpenGL only for 2 weeks, and forgive me that I’m n00b and for my not really good English…(

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