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World translation and rotation problem

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okay here''s the situation. I have a model I loaded into my program. Within the main render loop I call a function to translate(using global posistion variables from an input function for location), rotate and then render my model. When I just translate it it works fine (the input variables work like they should). However, when I then apply a rotate the directions are all screwy. for instance: the ZPos would now control the Y Axis location?? I''m very confused, any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I am using the D3DUtil_ functions for my manipulations (incase that matters). -Prairie

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You might be confusing your "up" and "in" directions between model space and world space, like I did originally. Verify that "Y" points "up" in all cases...

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Here''s the code for the models render routine, once again thanks


void RenderShip()
//SetUp General ID Matrix

//First Translate the Ships Posistion, Y axis is a
D3DMATRIX ShipPos=mat;

//Second Rotate the Ship
D3DMATRIX matRotXAxis=mat;

D3DMATRIX matPlayer=mat;
g_pD3DDevice->SetTransform( D3DTRANSFORMSTATE_WORLD,


//Set world back to original

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