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Collision detection with scene graphs

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What is a good way to perform collision detection/response when using a scene graph? I want to learn how to do scene graphs, so I''m going to create a small demo with one, and I understand how to do rendering, but was wondering what the best way for collision detection would be. Would you select each object from the tree in turn, then perform collision detection with everything that is not a child of the object, update it''s position if nescecary, put it back into the tree keep looping until no more collisions have been detected? --------------------------------------- Let''s struggle for our dream of Game!

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I believe a scene graph should be a logical tree structure, describing objects relative to eachother.
For example a character holding a gun. If he mounts a truck and drives it, the truck moves and the contents including the player and his gun are relative to that.

If you make a client/server structure, the scene graph holds only objects, position, and their properties on the server side (the game). The client has a related render graph, that holds graphics objects with their bounding boxes for frustum culling. That leaves collision detection. For this you could define a separate tree on the server/game.

Selecting each object from the tree defeats the purpose of a tree. Every node should have a bounding box that includes all the children and objects in the node and the children recursively. If that box fails the text the whole branch can be discarded.

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