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Blur a cube texture

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How can I blur a cube texture? It does not have to work in real time. The problem is that edges and corners, which are shared by different combinations of sides, should be blurred, too. This seems to be impossible to be done by common 2D blurring.

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I don''t think DirectX has any native support for texture blurring. The only samples in the SDK have to do with motion blur and depth of field blur, which you don''t want.

You could always
1) Lock the texture
2) Access each pixel
3) Get the average color of the surrounding pixels
4) Re-assign pixel value
5) Unlock texture

Dustin Franklin
Mircrosoft DirectX MVP

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For 2D textures:
You can use StretchRect to blur your textures, if you copy between two different sized textures and/or using a filter. i.e. Say your source texture is 1024x1024, if you copy that to a 512x512 texture with a linear filter, that''ll blur things (it''s called downsampling, by the way).

I don''t know if StretchRect supports cube textures, but the function name implies a "no" to me (you know, a "rect"). Check the docs for more details on this.

Meanwhile, I''ll try to think of something smarter...

Muhammad Haggag

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