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Lookin for some advice

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When starting an actual game deving business, what is the department you go to, to be recognized as a legal business, also, you trademark the company name but do you patent the physical product? [edited by - BillofXfactor on February 5, 2004 3:50:26 PM]

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1. Get an lawyer/accountant to register your company for you. It is quick and cheap and they do the job right so nothing can come back to haunt you later. It is very basic work for them and wont cost you much. They can also tell you the pros and cons of various different business set-ups (LLC, Corporation etc). Alternatively you could probably do it yourself but it really going to save you much and you miss out on a useful chat.

In the UK companies are registered at Companies House but in the States I thnk registrations are done at state level. Google for your state and company registration should provide some info or search your state gov web site.

Registering a trademark is an unnecessary expense for a new start-up. The law protects trademarks/company logos even if they are unregistered. (A logo followed by the TM symbol is an unregistered trademark). Registering provides additional protection but isn''t worth the money until you have something to protect.

Patents are the same. Very expensive and difficult to register (requires an experienced patent lawyer) and only of use if you have something truely unique to protect.

The areas you need to be focusing on are how you protect your IP assets, manage your staff, develop your product and get it to market.

Dan Marchant
Obscure Productions (www.obscure.co.uk)
Game Development & Design consultant

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