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256GB USB drive!?

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For those of you that haven''t seen this yet - http://www.atomchip.com Does anybody know anything about when these things might become available? There''s a screenshot of this thing working with Windows so it must be close to mass production, no? I guess they will have to release things in stages otherwise it''ll just blow the whole flash/sd/xd market out of the water?
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Dammit, I just bought a 64MB one yesterday

Is that site real or not? If it''s real then how can such an amazing company have such a craptastic website.

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Those images on the front page look extreemly fake.

edit: not to mention the fact that searching for "Atom Chip Corporation" in google (in quoes) turns up 5 websites...

[edited by - Andrew Russell on February 6, 2004 7:29:14 AM]

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Thats just another bit of science thats too far off into the distance for public consumption...

A video camera with 5gb would be cool... but more than that for what? you going to shoot the 3 LOTR back-to-back, lol...

No seriously, unless it really drops price ($50 per 1GB, 256Gb=12.800 USD) I dont think it will have much market penetration...

And the website is sooo bad that it can *only* be real, lol...

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aren't reliable:google search(for Atom Chip Corporation) shows only it and atomchip.com, so we can't trust it.

that russian award('moscow' link)...
first time hear that.
that papers are awarded not to corporation but to Shimon Gend?in


Shimon Gend?in

for active participating in organizing of "salon"
(scan is really bad and i don't reconginse fifth letter in Gend?in)
"On the left photo, second from the right, is the daughter of Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut of our planet"
Too poor quality of photo.I can't be sure.Looks like.Why not?

Papers are really in russian, but there's nothing in papers about "atomic chip",only about Shimon. On atomic page there's nothing about Shimon.
Google search for Shimon Gendlin,Gendkin,etc,shows nothing.

edit:Ops.First result shows that maybe he works on optics,nothing related to atomic chip corporation .

[edited by - Dmytry on February 6, 2004 10:36:00 AM]

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