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The C modest god

GDI interference on directdraw fullscreen mode

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When in directdraw fullscreen mode, I get some windows GDI drawings on it. For example, I have a buffered full screen mode direct draw device with both the front and the buffer set to white and then suddenly a black screen flicks eventough either the front or the back buffer are suppose to be seen. Do you know how to deal with this problem?

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the whole point of DirectX is that you eliminate the GDI etc...
if its flickering chances are your still using the GDI which is working seperatly to the DX they will interfear...

you can try entering this code after you flip the buffers to try and counter it...

// code begin

//put this with your other variables

//put this in your setup somewhere
ddBltFx.dwSize = sizeof(ddBltFx);
ddBltFxdwFillColor = 0x00000000;

// Put this after your flipping

// code end

Im not sure if it will stop the flickering but it may help....

and also if you are using ANY GDI functions such as fill screen or whatever.. then get rid of it and get DX to do the appropriate command...

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