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orienting objects in 3D space

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This has been bugging me for a while. Recently I tried to make a motorcycle game with 3D environments. Obviously there had to be hills otherwise it would be a pretty boring game. My problem came when the bike was going up or down one of these hills, and the terrain beneath it was on an angle of somekind. I knew the position of some point on the motorcycle (say the back tire), and I knew the position of all other important points relative to that point. The trouble was that, when the bike was on a hill, I could not find a way to efficiently determine the angle that the bike should be rotated so that both tires were touching the ground. I had a function to determine the height of the ground at any (x, y) position. If I rotated the cycle so that its front tire was at a certain height based on its horizontal position, the front tire wouldnt touch the ground. I know this makes absolutly no sense, so there is a picture of what I''m talking about at http://www.angelfire.com/me5/incarnaterw/bike1.jpg I''m probably overlooking something really simple here, so if anyone knows a fast way to get that front tire on the ground, please tell me

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The angle of the triangle at the downhill wheel is
alpha = atan(h/a),

so a good spot x, to take the altitude for the uphill wheel,
cos(alpha) = x / a, so
x = a * cos(alpha);

to find the error in this approximation, take the altitude at this new point x, and compare it to a * sin(alpha) which would be your new h.

Not perfect, but much better.

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