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a good rendering loop

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I started rewriting my renderer in hopes of making it substantially faster. I have found that I may be looping through the vertices and triangles of each mesh too many times. In my old loop, I went through the mesh once per light for lighting, 3-4 times per light for stencil shadow volumes, once per light for bump map coords, and another time to finally render it. That's obviously enough looping to kill any performance I might have had. So, I came up with this psuedo code loop, and was wondering if some of you guys could critique it, or what-not (For clarity: My renderer will render batches of meshes per material by using its own pre-allocated vertex array):
for( each draw_pack) //a draw_pack contains info like depth testing and blending functions


	for( each material )//a material contains texture info

		SetupMaterial(); //binds current textures

		for( each visible mesh )
			for(each visible triangle)
				for(each light)

			for(each vertice)

	ClearLists();				//doesn't iterate through list, just sets # used to 0



Anyway, i may have forgotten some things, but i was just hoping some of you could critique the basic loop. Thankyou for any help! ----------------------------- I never chew my cabbage twice [edited by - odiousangel on February 6, 2004 4:04:07 PM] [edited by - odiousangel on February 6, 2004 4:05:47 PM]

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