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Encryption Trouble with UNICODE

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I am writing some encryption routines based off of a jscript webpage on arcfour encryption. I am having a problem getting the same results as the jscript is getting. The jscript of course uses UNICODE characters where C++ applications use ASCII characters (I am trying to convert the ASCII to UNICODE). In a particular instance (as shown in code below), I get the UNICODE character 142, but 142 has no ASCII equal (That is why I get the question mark character in the last two lines). Although, the jscript works fine. Is there some way to fix this? The original jscript is listed below the test c code. char c = ''0''; // int value of 48 wchar_t wc = 0; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, &c, 1, &wc, 1); // At this point, (UNICODE)wc = 48 wc ^= 190; // This changes wc to 142 WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, 0, &wc, 1, &c, 1, NULL, NULL); // After this call (ASCII)c becomes 63? MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, &c, 1, &wc, 1); // In an attempt to validate the problem, I added this line to make sure I get the same // value back in (UNICODE)wc. I don''t, I get 63 back. JScript var enc = InData.charCodeAt(j) ^ src; // InData.charCodeAt(j) = 48, j = 3, i = 9, src[i] = 190, enc // becomes 142 os = j + "\n" + i + "\n" + src[i] + "\n" + InData.charCodeAt(j) + "\n" + enc + "\n" + String.fromCharCode(enc) + "\n"; output += String.fromCharCode(enc); os output: 3 9 190 48 142 Ž // I don''t know what this character is, UNICODE or ASCII. If I paste it into debug in my c++ watch window it becomes // a ''?'' Is my c++ code an accurate conversion of the JScript code (minus the os that I added)?

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