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Setting up Dialogs in a Document-based MFC program

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I''ve been reading up on this for a bit now, and I''ve come to the conclusion that this can only be done if the Dialog is inherited by CFormView. So I tried getting my dialog to display calling the Create function, but it complained that I was trying to access a private member, because I was calling it from the main app file, not the my dialog class file. Am I going abotu thsi the wrong way? All I really want to do is add a side dialog bar to my app. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The great logician Bertrand Russell once claimed that he could prove anything if given that 1+1=1. So one day, some fool asked him, "Ok. Prove that you''re the Pope." He thought for a while and proclaimed, "I am one. The Pope is one. Therefore, the Pope and I are one."

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