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Maybe the kid desparately needed help. I''m pretty sure nehe.gamedev.net provides some sort of online tutorial on this situation.

Drawing cylinders or any quadric in OpenGL is quite simple. If you want to alter it''s position you''d have to use the glTranslate function since you can''t really apply a vertex position for quadrics(like you would for Quads, Triangles and other generic polygons).

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I know what u say but you misunderstand me :-
How to make a Function that Draws A Cylinder Like this

void DrawCylinder(double *p1,double *p2,int raduis)
//Some transformations Here and this is the question

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read up on gluCylinder();

namely on msdn or other such docs.

and read up on glTranslatef()

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You guys still arn''t getting him, you need help with the math right.

Your right so far, translate to the first point. Im sure the gluCylinder function takes a height and radius and probably a slices or something parameter. Anyways, height will be the distance between your two points.

sqrt( (p2[0]-p1[0])*(p2[0]-p1[0]) + (p2[1]-p1[1])*(p2[1]-p1[1]) + (p2[2]-p1[2])*(p2[2]-p1[2]))

In order to get your cylinder to point towards the second point your going to have to do some glRotate''s search on how to rotate into the direction of a vector, rotate into p2 - p1. Or use trig and sin-1 and cos-1''s to figure out the angles to rotate.

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I could find my answer to question the one who wants to know how this could be done :-



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