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New 3d online game coming

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Hiya, i am part of a team developing a new online 3d isometric game. The game doesnt have a set plot that you HAVE to follow instead you join the game get a free house and live a life, you can chose to follow the plot(s) or simply get a job in your local city or even move to another city/island. Or create a guild etc Theres loads to be done and more will be added all teh time the game is not out yet but a beta will be out soon i hope the site is http://mia.geahost.com any comments would be great Thanks Lionheart Dream Gaming

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Sounds like a neat idea...


Have you examined the feedback from players of the existing online RPGs regarding the very thing you herrald? More and more people are growing tired of logging into a game with nothing specific to do. This is currently one of the pet peeves of players of Star Wars Galaxies. Already, players can do in that game what you are talking about. It''s fun for a while, but then logging in and doing the same thing over and over gets old, and when what content is there is already explored, there''s nothing left to do.

SOE ignores paying customers who are all but begging for new content, forcing them to run the same canned missions over and over again.

Plots are NEEDED in these games. They provide an answer to that ever-present online RPG question: "Okay, I''m here... Now what?"

Just so you know, I am in no way bashing your idea. I would encourage anyone to pursue whatever design goal they have. But in all fairness, it wouldn''t do for me to not to point out what many end-users consider to be one of the biggest flaws in online games today.

I really cannot stand it when people do what you just did. He was looking for feedback on his concept, and rather than offering it, you wasted your time, his time, the readers'' time to slam him about his SPELLING? It''s no wonder that the corporate developers have such a strong upper-hand. If the independent game development communities had more of a concept of unity, the quality of work that would be turned out would knock them out of their high glass towers and back into the garages where they came from.

I have seen the raw untapped talent of people in modding communities. for games. I have seen ideas put forth by people who are not on any professional game developers pay that are really outstanding. I have seen 3D and 2D artwork by aspiring artist hopping to get noticed that is downright beautiful. I have heard music by individuals who only dream of having their work professionally recognized. If a medium were provided for these individuals to come together into one creative group, the potential results of their combined efforts may unbalance the whole corporate game development foundation, and cause some of those companies to go "Where on earth did THESE guys come from!?"

So everytime I read a post about a game development concept, I think about what could be if that concept is successful. Every single word in the post could be spelled incorrectly, but as long as I can comprehend what the poster is trying to get across, I am inclined to consider what he has to say and respond constructively.

So I say, "If you can''t help, don''t hurt"

In Christ,
G. B. Jackson

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I plead guilty of not supporting my statement, so here it is : your (lionheart''s) web site has way too much spelling mistakes to sound serious, and this lack of seriousness detracts me as a customer from a deal. I plead guilty of posting off-topic, but I thought this would be the best place to tell you that your web site may have presentation problems. I will now cease any hijacking of that thread, if you (GBJackson) want to answer me please do it by mail.

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Thanks for your comments GBJackson, i do understand that not having a plot would get boring,

what im aiming for is this, the player joins and there is a main plot to the game but it is up to them weather or not they wish to go onto the main plot now or later, also

once they finsih that main plot which would be pretty long, they will be bale to start on the other plots (bigger then sub quests)

and while all this is going off there will be a great deal of subquest for them to do if they feel bored.

I also feel that this game will be a very good game once it gets off its feet thats why im not going to be making it and then elaving it ill be coming up with new ideas/quests and main plots all the time and adding them into the game all the time as well.

Thanks again for your comments

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Unfortunately (I hope you prove me wrong), this seems to be another one of those "I will make the best RPG EVER!!1!!" deals that many beginning programmers come up with. Trust me, I was one of them. Also, the numerous spelling and grammar errors on your site, wihch ToohrVyk pointed out, further promote the feeling that this game will never get off the ground; it just seems too large.

Do you even have an engine being worked on yet? If so, what''s it being developed in? How about network code? Or servers to support the game? Making an isometric game is one thing (and can still be difficult), but making a multiplayer (let alone massively multiplayer) game is incredibly difficult. I don''t mean to shoot down your dream, but I''ve seen tons of projects like this that go nowhere (and like I said, I was the leader of at least 10 of those projects).

Start small and worry about getting something running instead of thinking about how many awesome features that will never get implemented anyway. Show some screenshots of even the most preliminary engine you have, and fix your spelling and grammar--people will take you much more seriously.

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i know what you mean i have worked on many 1 player games and i to have seen many say this.

When i say big i dont mean big right away as that would be silly, i simply mean im hoping for it to get big and not big as in the biggest online game ever cause that is a stupid thing to say. i would be happy if i had 1 other person playing it.

By big i mean alot of quests etc and alot of things to do, as i am mainly a writer.

My programmer is creating this game in Delphi, i have not discussed about servers yet but that is the easy part as the game is being sponsered by soeone who is willing to let me use his servers for free (not sure how many)

About the site:

That was simply rushed to allow visitors information on the game once a beta is out (month or 2) then i will be going through the website sorting it out a great deal

Thank you for your comments

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