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[java] update() isn't called ?

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Hey guys... I have a problem with my "public void update(Graphics g)" function not beeing called, but the paint / paintComponent functions are beeing called with once :/
	public void update(Graphics g) {	
		//bufImgG2D is the Graphics2D from the BufferedImage - bufImgSurface

		bufImgG2D.setColor(new Color(0,255,0));


		//bufImgSurface - BufferedImage

	public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
Now, that is how the functions look in "class myDrawTestClass" look... The super.paitComponent(g), works just fine... since the JPanel/Panel area is uppdated. The drawing works fine if I move the fillRect and drawImage and setColor to paintComponent function. Besides... I'm not getting any messagebox The DemoApplicatione extends JFrame. But what I know the JFrame is derived from Frame... which is derived from Component? So the update() function should be called shouldn't it?? Thx for the help [edited by - bilsa on February 7, 2004 3:23:07 PM]

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Could it be that the repaint() function doesn''t call the update() function on JPanel/Panel objects?

That would make sense, since they shouldn''t need to be cleared before painting - since the Frame containing the Panel should have already cleared the screen with it''s update() function?

I tried to override the update() function in the class that "extends JFrame", and that update() function is indeed called...

Seems like it is this way?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I''m not sure, but to make sure that the object is cleared before paint is called, try setOpaque( true );, this is just going on what bilsa said.

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