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Setting up gl in a pic box

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I just finished writing a wrapper for gl in an mdi environment. It can also render to the background of a dialog box. I want to try to get it to render to a picture box in a dialog box but the dc i get from the pic box seems incompatible with gl - it seems that the pixelformat could not be set. Anyone know how i could get it to render or am i using the wrong control? tia

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I know what you are talking about.

I did it along time ago.

If i remember correctly, i got some example source for exactly that from under the C++ section. I think i just typed in OpenGL and it was there!

Also, on that example, i belive he used a text box to put the opengl window on, with it disabled so you couldnt type. All i know was it worked so there might be a reason he used a text box, there might not.

If you cant find it, another thing you could do is just create the regular OpenGL window and make it a child of the dialog box. Then just use SetWindowPos() and it will be as if it is really included in the dialog box. That is how i have done some things before and it looks really nice. But i guess your first idea would be easier, so check it out!

Good Luck

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