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BMP help

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Hello every one I need a quick help. I have 2 questions to ask. 1. I created a 3D model using OpenGl, Glut, Glui. I also used Borland C++ Builder 6 environment. I would like to connect a simple form to my project how can I connect the form to glut or glui ????? 2. I also would like to use load BMP file, I know how to load RAW file, but not BMP, I want to open the BMP file to do some image processing. is there anyone who can help me ???? I need your help thank you

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Guest Anonymous Poster
No idea about the first question.

Go to and lookup the BMP file format and write your own file loader. Or search on google to find someone who already wrote one. It just involves reading in the headers and then the image in *usually* uncompressed in BMP so you can read directly. The case where it isn''t it would be Run Length Encoded which isn''t hard to decode. Good luck.

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Thank you my friend.

but what about first question ?
is there any body who use Borland C++ Builder ??
there must be some of you, who use it for opengl.
if you know how to do it, please do not hesitate to tell me.
I appreciate all your helps.
I just want to use a simple form in my glut project.

thank you very much

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I don't think the form issue would be specific to Borland. If you are talking about attaching a child window or dialog to your glut window, I recommend looking at the Win32 API for CreateWindow. I've not used Borland so I don't know any specifics regarding its resource editor or form designers, but a basic window should be pretty easy to create for any compiler.

Also, if you are using a resource editor to create the form, you might want to look at CreateDialog which allows you to pass in the resource ID and you don't have to bother with all the class registration crap from CreateWindow.

[edited by - variant on February 8, 2004 1:50:46 PM]

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Is there any body, who can please show me how I can add a simple button to for example Nehe''s base windows using API ?????

I mean few lines code that eachs me how to add a button to Nehe''s project. (I use Borland C++ Builder 6), but I think it doesnt make that much difference because WIN API is the same (I am not sure).

The reason I am asking that , is because I dont know much about Windows API.

so please help me, it is really important to me.
also do you know any Windows API book for beginners?

Thank you

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