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msvc + autoexp

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Just thought I''d throw this at the board seeing as I''ve just found out about it... In MSVS you can customise the debugger through the autoexp.dat file (search for it in your installation - it exists in vers 5, 6 & .net certainly & possibly others). You can specify how it formats variables (there are already some examples...) and you can also specify what it shows for HRESULT return values. As there aren''t any HRESULT values defined I''ve put some of the more commmon ones together (at least for as much as I could be bothered so it isn''t exactly complete...). To use these, find your autoexp.dat file & paste these at the end (or add the key values to the [hresult] section if you already have one)
; This section lets you define your own errors for the HRESULT display.
; You need to list the error code in unsigned decimal, followed by the message.
; Changes will take effect the next time you redisplay the variable.
;1234=my custom error code
; general hresult values
0=Operation Successful (S_OK)
2147549183=Unexpected Failure (E_UNEXPECTED)
2147500033=Not Implemented (E_NOTIMPL)
2147942414=Failed to Allocate Necessary Memory (E_OUTOFMEMORY)
2147942487=One or More Arguments are Invalid (E_INVALIDARG)
2147500034=No Such Interface Supported (E_NOINTERFACE)
2147500035=Invalid Pointer (E_POINTER)
2147942406=Invalid Handle (E_HANDLE)
2147500036=Operation Aborted (E_ABORT)
2147500037=Unspecified Failure (E_FAIL)
2147942405=General Access Denied Error (E_ACCESSDENIED)
2147483658=Data is not yet available (E_PENDING)
; d3d errors taken from d3d8.h of dx9 sdk
; dinput errors taken from dinput.h of dx9 sdk
2147746304=Insufficent Privileges to Change Joystick Configuration (DIERR_INSUFFICIENTPRIVS)
2147746305=The device is full (DIERR_DEVICEFULL)
2147746306=Not all the requested information fit into the buffer (DIERR_MOREDATA)
2147746307=The effect is not downloaded (DIERR_NOTDOWNLOADED)
2147746308=The device cannot be reinitialized because there are still effects attached to it (DIERR_HASEFFECTS)
2147746309=The operation cannot be performed unless the device is acquired in DISCL_EXCLUSIVE mode (DIERR_NOTEXCLUSIVEACQUIRED)
2147746310=The effect could not be downloaded because essential information is missing (DIERR_INCOMPLETEEFFECT)
2147746311=Attempted to read buffered device data from a device that is not buffered (DIERR_NOTBUFFERED)
2147746312=An attempt was made to modify parameters of an effect while it is (DIERR_EFFECTPLAYING)
2147746313=The operation could not be completed because the device is not plugged in (DIERR_UNPLUGGED)
2147746314=SendDeviceData failed because more information was requested to be sent than can be sent to the device (DIERR_REPORTFULL)
2147746315=A mapper file function failed because reading or writing the user or IHV settings file failed (DIERR_MAPFILEFAIL)

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Hm, I don''t know if this is what you''re referring to, but if you go to the watch window during debugging (press Alt-3), you can type ",wm" or ",hr" after a variable name to make MSVC6 translate the number into a message name instead of just a number. The HRESULT values are only standard, though, so they won''t work for say Direct3D return codes.

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To extend psykr''s remark:
Just add @err,hr to the watch pane and the result of GetLastError() turned into a string (FormatMessage()) is automatically displayed.

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