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Austrian Coder

Integrate compression

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Hi! I want to use zlib or lzo to update a programm with more functionality. It is a linux programm, but as this is the general programming forum this should be ok. I only need some help with my thouhts. These are the important functions: ssize_t safe_read(int filedes, void *buffer, size_t size) ssize_t safe_write(int filedes, const void *buffer, size_t size) I would say we discuss the safe_write function. It does wirte the buffer with the size into the file descriped by filedes. Now i want to use the compresson at this function: Easy or? Lets take the buffer and compress it like this way, note we need an temp buffer called out. int r = lzo1x_1_compress((unsigned char*)buffer, soize, out, &out_len, wrkmem); now the compressed sutff is in out. If i now only return the out buffer or make it via references (buffer = out). I will get memory problems and leakes, because i never free the out buffer. So whats the best solution. Has anyone some sourcecode about this topic (Include a compression lib and use it in combination of buffers). Thanks, Christian

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Let me get this straight. You are doing the following:

1. Allocate memory for buffer and out
2. Read into buffer
3. Compress buffer to out via lzo1x_1_compress()

What you would typically do then is simple;

4. Write soize, out_len and out
5. Delete buffer and out

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