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FS AddOn Programming in Managed C++ .NET

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I am designing a Flight Simulator addon using VC++ .NET. I first wrote the program using the .NET Form App. It seemed to work alright, the only problem was that the timer (stock timer, WM_TIMER I am assuming) ran, instead of the 100ms interval I specified, at about 1-3 second intervals. I realized that FS was taking up too many resources for my app to run at the correct speed. I know that a program written using a specially designed WinProc can hold the resources in a while loop, but i don''t know how to do that in a .NET environment. Question) How would a program that is supposed to run (as an .exe) concurrent with FS have to be written? can it be written as a Form app, or does it have to be written in another form? (HINT::: I am lazy and would like to use the IDE window design environment in .NET.) James Meade Lt(jg) VAQ-140 VUSN

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There is an article on MSDN that described the 3 timers available. I believe the one in system.threading is the most accurate one.

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