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what game should i start out with

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Excellent path to take

Path to Game Development

A year ago I knew nothing of Win32, learned the basics (Win32 Game Loop, WinMain, WinProc, etc) and then made Breakout (1 week), then Asteroids (1.5 months), then Pacman (3-4 months), now started design doc for a Super Mario Bros. You want to know C/C++ quite well. This path can be done in a year once you know a language well enough.

C Programming

You can skip the Unix stuff, and compile with MS Visual C++ or Dev-C

Game Programming Genesis (Win32)


Phil P

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Hey, thats a good recommendation.

I started with 3d pong because it had everything that a game would need but was small enough to actually be completed. The only think I can really recommand is to start with something really small. It took me about 3 months to write pong. I had the ball bouncing around on the screen after about a week but it took about 2-3 months to put all the finishing touches on it.

Also as I learned more I went back through all my code and did commenting and code reviews and just kept learning from my mistakes and fixing them threw out.

Good luck, its not easy but it is a lot of fun and the day you actually get to sit back and say hey I think its finished is an amazing day. The only people that look at a small game and don''t think its an amazing accomplishment are the people who have never finished a game.

Later, Ben

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Text rpgs in console applications are pretty cool and anyone can make one. It''s most definitly a self esteem booster when your friends talk about strategies in a game you made yourself. Also, no, console applications don''t have to be the usual boring white on black background, do a search for console.h (or consola.h) which gives you easy functions to manipulate the window.

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