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Shadow Map in a TNT

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only recently i discovered that my poor TNT could do Shadow Map... so i get the courage to try... the problem is that i think everything is right ( everybody always think )... i was using the www.paulsprojects.net shadow example, and my code i almost the pauls code... but i see no shadows... if anyone need a screenshot i can post... so... here is the code... http://www16.brinkster.com/emgames/main.cpp ps: i´ve used the forum search... but havent found anything that may help me...

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stencil buffer? i´m not using stencil buffer...
here is what i´m doing...

1 - Render the scene from ligh´s point of view
2 - Getting the depth buffer and putting in a texture ( shadow map )
3 - Rendering from camera´s point of view with black light ( the shadowed area )
4 - Rendering again from camera´s point of view... but now with white light ( the area with no shadow )
4.1 - I´m projecting the shadow map in the scene
4.2 - I´m also projecting a 1D Texture ( i´ve not undestood this texture... but in the example he is using, so i´m using )
4.3 - I´m using some glTexEnvi() to make the areas where shadow exist be with alpha channel 1.0....
5 - I´m using the Alpha Test to eliminate the shadow area from pass 4

oh... my desktop is 32 bit already...

[edited by - xunil_rj on February 9, 2004 8:24:06 AM]

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Thats a bad technic.
Your lightmap will be all lighted lol
You get no shadows. Because you render the scene FROM the light. So you can not see shadows casted by this light!! And you project a shadow map without shadow.
If you want to make real time shadow casting, the best thing is stencil buffer. But I dont think your TNT support it, or if it does, you will get fps prob. Suggest you create standard lightmaps.

[edited by - daivuk on February 9, 2004 10:59:26 AM]

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