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Diablo vs. Harvest moon clone?

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I don''t know if this is the wrong forum for this thread, burt i''ll it a try here... My 2d game map editor is almost finished and it''s time for me to create the actual game coding. My plans when i started this project was a simple GOD-game like Harvest Moon The game, called ''Project Society'' could actualy be described as the child of The Sims, Sim [whatever] and Harvest Moon: The player''s mission is to create himself a family and to do his job as a farmer. The farmer chores would include woodchopping, stone cutting and different "main resource" gathering. With these resources, the player has the abilities to build himself a bigger house (which would give him bonuses when trading goods), build a stable or trade. so far so good (my documentation is a LOT bigger than this, but yoy get the basics), but after a couple hours of Diablo, my inspiration killed the other project; a VERY simple diablo clone with partially randomized terrains, enemies and items, some subquests... which project would be easiest to get running? post your thoughts, pros and cons for both the project please...

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Well, you''re going to face challenges for both.

Harvest Moon:
Pro: You''re going to find entity management easier. Not thousands of randomly, near perfect balanced enemies to take care of.
Con: Saving the state of the game and altering your terrain (house, stable, etc.) are going to be a little rough.

Pro: No need for levels, all randomly generated. Easier game states to save.
Con: Randomly generated levels. Its gonna take a while to tweak the algorithm to create fun, interesting and yet random levels.

Do both =)

Good luck =)

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I''m currently working on a game somewhat similar to Harvest Moon (in the farming aspects)..only with much more advanced gameplay, and other various aspects (breeding, trading, etc).

Probably the hardest aspect is the sheer number of items and entities we have to create and work with. Not to mention flexible systems for everything; growing, living, talking, trading, breeding, racing..

shortcurves.com | /josh

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