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DirectX7 odd bug on loading bmp on 1 PC

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Hi all, Im guessing this may be related to the persons graphics card but Im not sure and I dont know how to fix it... When he loads the alpha version of my game client he gets this: http://www.wrathgame.co.uk/WRATH/badss.jpg As you can see the loaded images are strangly offset (wrapped) in strips. what cuold possibly have caused this ??? Im using my own custom load image code because im compressing the bitmat in my own format. It works fine on all PCs except this one. any help would be great Thanks a lot Tim ps. i know this isnt probably enough info for a exact solution, but im looking for possible causes.. im sure a code dump wouldnt help really

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Hmmm, do bank-switching cards still exist?

If your app works on other PCs then i daresay the loading code should be fine. I''d look into the copy-to-surface part.

What comes to my mind is; are you taking pitch into account when writing the bitmap data to the surface?
Other than that, the offset of the errors looks to be 64k (just a guess, could be a hint).

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