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Visual Studio rebuilds project each time running

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This isn''t exactly a programming question, but maybe someone can answer it. What causes Visual Studio to give the message: These project configuration(s) are out of date. Would you like to build them now? Even if you do a clean build, rebuild, recompile etc... when you attempt to run the project, it gives this message, only to perform some linking. If you just make a new project and add a few source files to it, it will give this message even if you press F7 then F5 after everything successfully compiles & links... I''ve seen this before but can''t find any documentation on it or anything on the web that says why it would give this message or why it says things are out of date. Any help appreciated. Running VS.NET WinXP Pro SP1. Thanks, Z''

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I''ve had this problem before, and it was because the creation date of a file was newer than the computer''s date, it confuses VC++ out of hell.


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Yes, I have read about files being dated ahead of time, the compiler just thinks they are always out of date, however I''ve checked out all the files in my project, including all the external headers & library files and everything has a create/modify date < now...

Well, I think I figured the problem out. Good ol'' Microsauce! This causes the problem for me and is easily reproducable on my comp:

1) Create new Win32 C++ project (empty project or not),

2) Add WinMain in a file. I made a file main.cpp with just this:
#include <windows.h>

int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow ) {
return 0;

3)Add Resource -> String Table, put some text in the default string or make a new string, probably just put any kind of resource in - works great until I start adding resources...

4) Compile (F7), Run (F5)...

Every time... "These project configuration(s) are out of date" etc etc. No files are created with dates in the future or in the past for that matter, the date/time is correct on every file. Conclusion? Either my VC.NET install is hosed or MS bites one... Time to reinstall... that''s the Microsoft way!


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Here''s one cause. Under build settings make sure nothing is relying on a variable.

Link output page changed to Build/$Configuration/

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