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Vertex Weights Driving Me Nuts

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I''m trying to render a Neverwinter Nights 3D Model. It uses skinned meshes in spots. I render everything fine except these. Basically my problem is I have no idea what the mathematics are for skinning with interpolation between 2 bones. I know I''m supposed to use the matrices from both based on the weighting. My shader I created isn''t right though. Can someone give me an idea of the math behind skinning? From what I read it''s this: for(each bone in influence) { vtemp = position * bone_matrix; // WHICH MATRICES THOUGH? TOTAL? vout += vtemp * weight; } That doesn''t seem right to me. I have no clue if it''s only the local bone transformation or the total transformation up to that bone or what. Someone save me endless hours of headaches, please.

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