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Another long useless post..

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I have a class called Leasure Life, we go to bowling, to chucky cheese''s, token n tickets. (so far, there are still 14 weeks in the class) So with the past two trips I''ve played alot of arcade games. I havn''t played an arcade game in for ever. I thought it was cool to play the games I liked on my 64 and dreamcast on big moch ups of the thing. I''d have to say the most impressive setup was a tie between: Rush 2049, it was like a tournament one it was new, it had a place to type in your pin number of your tournament player. The seat vibrated, the music was clear and loud, the steering wheel was a real force feedback wheel (when you were off the ground the wheel was free, it jerked back when you landed). It had the same levels as my game for dreamcast. And this old ass original nintendo looking game called Exteme Drift or Drift Racer or something, anyways no one played it cause it looked like it might kill you but it seemed to rock back and forth as the screen tilted (kinda weird but moved). So I was thinking if I ever make a decent driving game I should make some mockup and get like a 60 inch flat screen behind the wehel and 2 17" flatscreens on the side with like an interior mock up (wishfull thinking). I got really into the idea of making actual game consoles per game. Later on that night I sat in on way too many poker hands and noticed that the nice chips were for just some reason nicer to play with the plastic ones. So I thought maybe I should make my own pieces that are better then everyones. Then I started to think electronic, I came up with a few ideas. The ideas share one thing in common they both use some sort of screen. The screen would have to be some sort of dot matrix. Each pixel would have to really be 2 pixels, a public, and a private. The screen will be showing 2 images at once, say the back of the card and the front of the card. This is where it hits reality. Some how you would have to filter the pixels so only certain people see certain pixels. There would ahve to some how be a carved cone or dome shaped prism over each pixel set. This gives you a serface to play with refraction or something based on the viewing angle. I thought about carving them differnt to refract or reflect rays, then I figured the two things you would see would probably be the private, good, but when you looked at the public pixels they would show you the ceiling or something. Then I thought about how calculator screens work, polarized, you filter out to a single direction, reflect it of a mirror, if the dot is activated it will filter this direction or else it will filter with it. Is there someway you could do this in 2 differnt directions? The dots would then be 2 seprerately changing dots of filters. Whoa sorry, convert all previous usages of the word filter, to polarized filter. Currently the filters block all light except the direction of the filter. Could you reverse this and make it so it allows all directions except for a band of directions or something? The question: How do you show 2 differnt images, on a screen, depending on the viewing angle. Then, put some sort of touchscreen material over it. Thats what they have in comon, now heres how they are differnt. Idea 1: aproximately 8 foot round table, there could be 6 or 8 "seats" around the table, these seats contain a rectangle of private to that angle pixels, all other pixels not on a seat (Such as the center) will be all public pixels. The table would be massive and could not be transported (since this originaly started out as the baddest chip set in the world). Hmm... Idea 2: individual panels, each powered by a batter and communicate with ir to a center hub. The hub would tell it what to display and also would figure out its relationship to the other people, so that when you are delt a card, it slides in the top of the screen from the location of the dealer. These would still be private pixels to the viewing angle. These panels could be passed out to players. One in the center would display the comunity cards and pot. The set would include say 9 cards. Idea 3: Huge giant table idea again, only one pixle only per pixel, just shows the public data, the face of your face down cards. (not as they are being delt) it is your job to rest your hands to that they can''t be seen. When the touchscreen notices a indent the shape of your cuped hands it will reveal cards in that hand. Or maybe your cards would be face down then a pinching potion of the end while you shield would reviel that card. The touchscreen would input things such as sliding chips, moving cards, showing cards, what ever. The coins will have nice 2d physics so when they bump into each other they slide around. I think it would be cool... I think white pixels on a black screen would look cool, a very sharp image. The best looking game was the black air hockey table with the glow in the dark puck and black lights above it.

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Holigrams (the ones that come in cereal boxes) work by 2 images shown to you with rows of prisms. As you rock it back and forth you control which image you see. (for 3d holigrams the 2 images are one for each eye, the others just change the picture) This technology seems to work but only in on axis as a time, so just apply the same principles to round pixels of prisms?

Edit: haha changed the last ? from a . It sounded like I posted to answer my own question.

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It''s not touch screen, and what happens if you view it on its side. Also just a single color would give a cooler effect and I''m sure would be cheaper.

Thats about a grand and a half over a similar machine with a standard display.

So we''ve got $1,500 per 10 inch diagonal.

Lets just say that screen is a square.

10^2 = x^2 + x^2

100 = 2x^2

50 = x^2

x = 7.07... inches

x*x = 50 ?whoa

50 inches square

8 foot diamter screen

4 foot radius

48 inch radius

pi * 48 ^2 = A

pi * 2304 = A

a = 734.56 inches square

734.56 / 50 = 144.69 screens

144.69 * $1,500 = $217,036.8 for the whole screen assuming it has a linear cost increase and can be produced that big.

This thing sounds expensive, I should move it to help wanted and ask for money.

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Original post by honayboyz
I have a class called Leasure Life, we go to bowling, to chucky cheese''s, token n tickets. (so far, there are still 14 weeks in the class) So with the past two trips I''ve played alot of arcade games.

Qua? Where was that when I was in school? I think I took trigonometry during that period. It''s a class, huh? What exactly are you learning, other than where the shortcuts are in Rush 2049? That had better not be a public school.

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