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what the diffirent between TCP/IP and DXPlay

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Right, I''m quite new here too, but how is this not the right forum?

AFAIK DirectPlay builds its own layer 5 protocol on top of UDP/IP - hence the reason you can send information both guaranteed and non-guaranteed in DirectPlay.

TCP/IP is a stream based protocol with some overhead you do not always need for a game. Some of this overhead is then rebuilt into DirectPlay, but can be turned on/off as you need it.

DirectPlay, per default, runs in a threaded model, so that many threads will execute your network message handler at once (there are ways around this, but per default this is how it is).

For TCP/IP on its own you would go through a socket, and you could read data from this socket as you need it (assuming data does not overflow the buffer). Data in TCP/IP is not packetized, so half a packet could arrive in a read, which you would then need to assemble someplace else.

If you send a buffer (a packet) in DirectPlay, it will be received as a full packet, always.

This reply only outlines some differences, but it should give a broad overview over the issues.

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