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cell phones:most used graphic resolution

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In general, every phone is different. Nokia has added some standardization with the series 30/40/60 lines of phones, which provide a bit of a UI specification. In particular, (all from memory, please correct) Series 30 phones have a screen size of 96x65, 40''s are 128x128 and 60''s are 176x220. There is a lot of variety out there.

It is considered good practice to at least try to design your game to adapt to different screen sizes. You can probably safely assume 96x64 as a minimum though.

The Canvas class (which you will almost certainly be using extensively for any game) provides getWidth() and getHeight() methods which will report the usable area of the screen. Note that some phones normally reserve some space at the bottom of the screen to put labels for the soft keys; on Nokia you can bypass this by use of the (Nokia-specific) FullCanvas extension.

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In fact Series 60 telephones (in general) have a resolutions of 176*208. (Siemens SX1 has an height of 220 pixels.)

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