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Choosing a suitable data-structure for A *

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I''m working with pathfinding for my game, and am puzzled by a problem with datastructures for the closed and open sets. I want to use binary heap priorityqueues (implemented as arrays), but a problem arises when I update a node that''s in a heap. If I know the index it''s easy to update the heap in log(n) time - so I thought about backing it with a hashmap mapping keys to heap array indexes. Now my problem is: which hashfunction would be suitable for a pair of integers (map position)? My best bet so far is a bitwise XOR of x and y - but that only gives me sqrt(n) time lookup in the hashtable, constant time would be nicer *** For Java games and Java related resources, go to http://www.javaengines.dk ***

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It''s trivial when you think about it. Imagine your x and y coordinates are a 2D grid of positions. Now imagine you had to give each position a unique number. The first row would be 0 to p, the second row would be p+1 to 2p, the 3rd row would be 2p+1 to 3p, etc. So the formula would be

x + max_x * y

where max_x is the number of possible values of x. This will give you a zero collision rate in the hash table. If zero collisions is actually problem due to the implementation of the hash table, then reduce max_x.

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