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Web based turn game in Space!

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Hi there. Me and a friend are making a game for a final school project. It will be a clone. The problem is: we will have to make the "engine" good and powerfull, because... it''s a final project. Basically, the player have planets, each planet have several resource types: intrinsic resources (gold, population, energy,...); building resources (like Mines, that operate on the intrinsic resources), rechearch resources, and war resources (diferent types of ships, warriors, mech''s, etc). We want to add or change the behavior of the resources easilly. To that end, we come up with the ideia of using all the resource information in files, that will be loaded on the application startup. Like this:
<resource type="LightShip" name="LigthFighter">
                <resource-ref type="building" name="ShipYard" />
                <resource-ref type="tech" name="Advanced Flight I" />
                <resource-needed type="intrinsic" name="Gold" value="40" />
                <resource-needed type="intrinsic" name="MP" value="60" />
                <attribute name="attack" value="40"/>
                <attribute name="defense" value="50"/>
This way, we would separate the game logic, from the engine it self. Now, what I ask here, is for ideias about the game engine design. How could we achive a nice engine? Ideias about what to suport, what should we aim for. This from a programmers point of view. And we want also the game designer point of view, about this ideia of XML configuration files. Thanks ____________________ Pedro Santos « "Si minor plus est ergo nihil sunt omnia..."

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As a gamer I always prefer a easy to edit game, with XML (or any plain text) configuration/resource files you acheave this.

You might as well specify what graphics/sounds/etc. to use in the resource definition, imho.

Engine side of things an ability to select OpenGL/DirectX rendering can be quite an interesting indevor. Good UI for redefinable keys and such too.

Make sure you retain rights to it and then polish it then market it

Anyway just a couple of coppers..

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