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Random point in frustum?

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not sure, but this should work. get a random number between near clip plane, and far clip plane, then, since the width of the frustum can be said as a function of z and FOV:

x offset = tan(Horizontal FOV / 2) * The first random number between near and far clip plane

say x is a random number between positive x offset and negative x offset.

then, repeat for vertical FOV. here is quick pseudocode (probably mistakes, and untested)

float z = (rand() / RAND_MAX) * (FarLipPlane - NearClipPlane) + NearClipPlane;
float hoffset = tan(FOV / 2) * z;
float x = ((2 * rand() / RAND_MAX) - 1) * hoffset; // random number between -1 and 1, times horizontal offset
float voffset = tan((FOV / Aspect) / 2) * z;
float y = ((2 * rand() / RAND_MAX) - 1) * voffset;

if needed, transform it to world space.

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billybob-s method will work, but it will not give you even distribution of points(more points near camera). For that you'll have to change random number generator.

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