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PixelShader problem

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I'm trying to add some sort of image-space motion blur to my game, but since friday I haven't had any success in writing a working pixel shader for this job. At the moment I'm doing the follwing: 1. Render the scene to texture A. 2. Render projected movement-vectors of the scene's object to texture B. The vectors are 3d (along x and y-axis) and scaled to the range of [0;1]. 3. Here's where I'm experiencing problems: I'm rendering a screen-aligned rect with set texture coordinates ([0,0] in top left / [1,1] in bottom right corner) to the screen. I'm supplying texture B (with the movement vectors) in sampler 0, and texture A in sampler 1. Addressing modes are: clamp. The vertexshader passes the screen-aligned rect's texcoords to the pixelshader (in t0 and t1). The pixel shader looks like this: The shader compiles without problems, but its output is totally screwed up! It seems that sampling texture A using the calculated texture coordinates doesn't work ... Now if I modify the pixel shader to directly output the texture-coordinates to the screen it looks okay, so the actual calculation of the texture coordinates seems to work. It's also no problem to sample texture A using the texture coordinates from the vertex shader. I'm at a total loss here, please help! I've installed the latest drivers (Catalyst 4.2) for my Radeon 9000; DirectX debug output doesn't contain any errors or warnings ... Stephan EDIT: fixed images ... [edited by - Reita on February 22, 2004 12:08:30 PM]

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