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Hardware recommendations, anyone?

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Hi-ho, all! I finally decided to get a new number-cruncher-box. Since a primary (though not only) purpose is game design, I thought I''d ask you folks first for my recommendations. (I was a little disappointed to find no Hardware forum on the site). I''m looking to build this sucker myself, for not too much money (I''m still just learnings, and not looking right now for professional-level results), and I''m not up-to date on the options. A lot of what I''m finding online is years old info, or just too huge and random an assortment; I need a place to start. I don''t want a $7000 xtreme-gamer system, but I''d like something more suited to game design than a Generic Familytech 5000. Motherboard, processor (how''s Athlon looking these days?), cooling systems, hard drive(s), graphics cards... anything you folks care to recommend. If anyone can recommend a good site for reviews, etc., it''sd help a bunch. - Sean

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it depends how much money you want to spend. at christmas i got my girlfriend a computer (shes a newbie and never had one before), i was going to build it myself, but i actually found it cheaper to buy the computer pre-built. its probably because i wanted to get the best parts, but still. i would check out pcusa.com its where i got her comp for a good price. also, from what i know anthlon is cheaper and faster then pentium, and always will be. so stick with that.

me personally, im on a sager 5680 laptop. 3 ghz, 512 ram, 60 gig hd. sexy, sexy, SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

what the hell makes this board so special, using > signs ???
no wonder writing code without [source| is so screwy

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I just built one up myself, I have a 3.0 ghz p4 800fsb w/HT, a 9800pro 128mb, and a gig of dual-channel DDR400 ram. I started with a dell PowerEdge 400sc from ebay, you can find them in various configs they''re dell overstock so they''re brand new(not refurbs) and under a 1 year warrany still. Mine came with a 2.26 p4, 256mb ECC DDR400, a 40gig drive and a pci video card. Cost me 300 plus shipping, I''ve seen 2.4ghz p4 with 800fsb w/HT and OEM winXP go for 350.

heres my parts list (all prices with shipping):
PowerEdge 400sc ... 350.00 (Ebay,)
1 gig DDR400 DC 154.00 (Komusa.com)
Saphire 9800pro ... 235.00 (Pricewatch.com)
P4 3.0ht 800fsb 220.00 (Pricewatch.com)
Total: 959.00
selling old CPU -130.00
selling old RAM ... -70.00

The mobo is REALLY nice, has 4 PCI, AGP 8x, gigabit Ethernet, 6 usb 2.0, 5.1 sound, supports celeron 400fsb to P4 800fsb w/HT and DDR266 to DDR400 in single and dual channel modes(there''s 4 ram slots.) Its a server/workstation, so its solid, can run forever and its dead-silent. I highly recomend looking into it.

Also, I swapped my hardrives in from my old machine, a pair of 60gig drives, and my copy of winXP. The mobo is a little picky with its RAM compatability, not that its hard to find or expensive, just have to use stuff confirmed to work, I''d be glad to point you to the right stuff if you consider it.

Ravyne, NYN Interactive Entertainment
[My Site][My School][My Group]

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For hardware information I usualy go to www.tomshardware.com and for computer components I use www.pricewatch.com which basicly takes a lot of sites that sell computer parts and compares the prices. It is getting to the point that you can buy a fully built pc from dell or gateway that is cheaper than building your own though.

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Original post by MonsterBoy
(I was a little disappointed to find no Hardware forum on the site).
For all topics that do not belong to any forum, The Lounge is the place to ask.

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For hardware reviews and information, good sources are www.hardocp.com and www.anandtech.com. Tom's hardware is an awful source that is horridly bias anymore and they've had benchmarks that haven't matched anyone else's.

With those two, you should be able to construct a good computer for yourself. I reccomend www.newegg.com for ALL of your purchases. You probably won't get the absolute best price, but they ship in no more than 24 hours, have amazingly good customer service, a fantastic RMA policy, and their site works really well and is easy to navigate.

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WEll if you already have a monitor then you can build a good system for around $700 (more if you want top of the line graphics)

My System:
Abit IC7-MAX3 (you could get a MAX 2 or the plain IC7 for a bit cheaper ''pending whether you want to OC or not)
P4 2.8GHz w/ HT and 800 MHz FSB
512 Megs (in two 256 Megs PC3200 chips)
Western DIgital 80 GIG 7200rpm w/ 8MB cache
6 Blue led Fans (antec)
Antec SOHO server case (10 drive bays) lots of space with window
Sony 52X CD-RW
Antec TrueBlue 350 Watt power supply.
Geforce 3 Ti 200 64 Megs DDR.

The Athlon XP(32bit anyways) are not faster than the P4''s with 800 MHz FSB and always have at least two fans in your system. one intake and one output. If you OC then have four or more. they may make a little noise but with or without overclocking it will make your components last a lot longer. the family machine 5000 will die slowly from the day it is born. go to www.newegg.com and find the cheapest parts and free shipping.
also a Geforce FX 5700 128Megs DDR is only $150 at Best Buy and probably cheaper online so i would go for that if you are going to be play testing and creating on this machine. also a good 17" flat screen monitor is only about $80 so still you can have great performance for under $1000 and you really only need Win XP Home unless you are networking your house.


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