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normal of a plane

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Pick three.

Form two vectors:

V1 = P2 - P1
V2 = P3 - P1

The normal is the cross product of the vectors:

N = V1 X V2

(normalized is usually most useful)

If you know something about the points which will give you a particular ''sidedness'' to the plane then you may want the negation of the cross product above.

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I assume that when you look at the polygon from the front, your verts go counter clockwise. Subsequently you have at least 3 verts (even if you have more than 3 verts, you ignore the rest) v0,v1, and v2. To calculate the normal:

Vector1 = v1 - v0;

Vector2 = v2 - v0;

//Crossproduct(hand,palm) returns the direction of ''thumb''
Normal = CrossProduct(Vector1,Vector2);

Normal.Normalize(); //The length of the normal is ||Vector1|| * ||Vector2|| * sine of the angle between the two

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