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"The Great Journey"

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Greetings to all: A new team is forming to develop a science fiction/space exploration CRPG inspired by (notice that I did not say BASED ON) Star Trek. On the trekbbs.com Trek Gaming message board, over the course of the last year, there have been repeated requests and suggestions for a Star Trek MMPORPG. However, I, along with many others in that community have provided readily accepted reasons as to why a MMPORPG set in the Star Trek universe would fail miserably for Trek fans (far worse than SWG fails for SW fans). I won''t go into that right now, but sufice to say that there are just too many differing opinions as to what defines Star Trek, and MMPORPGs just pick and choose elements that seem to have mass-market appeal, and leave out the rest, leaving fans of the license they are based on screaming that what was left out is what defines the subject matter to begin with. So, instead of an MMPORPG, the community has become enthusiastic about the prospect of a single-player CRPG similar to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It is the intent of this group to use whatever resources we can find to build a working model. GPLed game engines will be canibalized, as will any free resource library we can get our hands on, if we cannot create it ourselves. We will need help, so if you are interested, contact me and we''ll see what we can come up with. It should be noted that while this project is quite ambitious, my primary focus is on my own team''s project. I am helping to spearhead this effort because I am a Star Trek fan, and I would like to see a game like this. The more people who help, the bigger and better this project will be. Thank you for your time... In Christ, G. B. Jackson

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