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I would like to see how realistic collision engines could get. For instance to truly calculate a real world collision you must sweep between frames (already commonly used). But not just sweep an object and test against other object. You must create solid hulls of all the moving objects and test those (not commonly done). For instance, a moving sphere would create a cylinder. But you wouldn''t test that cylinder against other sphere, if they moved you would need to test that cylinder against other cylinders. Also a box moving would create a cystal like solid hull. So for a real world physics engine with boxes and sphere you really would be testing cylinders and crystals find the earliest collision and step through them all altering the cylinders and crystals accordingly until you have no remaining collisions. For instance, you might start with mutiple collisions and each time you find a collision you might remove a couple others when you alter the cylinders and crystals on the basis of found collisions. And this still wouldn''t even be entirely realistic. In between frames if 2 cylinders collided it would need to calculate when in that short frame time they did hit, and for how long. You then would need to create 2 smaller cylinders (from time start of contact through time end of contact) and tested them for collisions, this would find out if they really did contact during that fraction of a time in between a frame. This would never be necessary in a gaming environment I suppose. All of the gaming object either move at a slow enough velocity or are a ray. But it would be neat if anyone knows of any examples of this or any source that uses the same idea (of forming solids out of moving spheres or cubes - also I know of an example that uses cylinders but it only tests them against other spheres as if they weren''t moving).

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