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Richard A. Knaak interview: Warcraft: War of the Ancients(TimeTravel)

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Here is an interesting interview with one of the best Fantasy writers in the industry. Among Richard A. Knaak 's previous work is - Dragonrealm and Dragonlance series - Minotaur Wars - Ragnarok (manga) - Legend of Huma - The Mask of Janus - Diablo II Pocket books - Warcraft Pocket books - among 26 books in his 17 years of career as writer The interview takes place because of his latest book due on sale by April 2004. Warcraft: War of the Ancients: Well of Eternity . In this new book, if you are a fan of Warcraft III and Blizzard Entertainment games, Richard A. Knaak explores the Night Elves civilization. From his previous warcraft book, Day of the Dragon, Rhonin and Krasus the Dragon face a dire threat. It is being years since Day of the Dragon. During the Night Elves Single Player campaign in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Arthas invades Dalaran and Silvermoon destroying the Kirin Tor council of Mages. Something happens that makes Rhonin and Krasus violate the laws of nature, going back in time into the past. They land 10.000 years in the past. A bit before the first invasion of the Burning Legion. Richard A. Knaak explores the life of Queen Azshara and her highborne Elite Night Elves, how the magics of the Well of Eternity corrupted them. How Sargeras the ex-Titan, now leader of the Burning Legion offers a deal to Queen Azshara. The spell to open a portal for Sargeras to welcome him into the World, the love triangle of young malfurion, Tyrande and Ilidian. The betrayal of Ilidan by letting Queen Azshara know of the planned attack to destroy the well, and finally the sundering of Ancient kalimdor. All this story of the past will be told through a trilogy of 3 books. The first book is due to April 2004. Richard A. Knaak accepted the interview and it was transmited life on IRC chat. After the interview, fans were able to ask questions to him on IRC. Read the interesting 4-pages of the first interview about War of the Ancients: Well of Eternity Here Then read the Fan Chat with Richard A. Knaak where he revealed more details about his new book and other projects. [edited by - MEDIEVALDRAGON on February 26, 2004 6:49:59 PM]

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