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Getting VC 7.0 to let me load my own Icon

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I know this is a beginner question so I''m posting it in the right place. How do I put my own Icon for my hIcon and hIconSm? Ok I know this is the line of code that will do it: LoadIcon(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_ICON1)) And I know the dimensions for the big and small icons are 32x32 and 16x16 respectvely. but I''m still confused about a few things: 1. If I have a bitmap resource, why can''t I just put IDB_BITMAP1 where IDI_ICON1 is and have it work? Does it specifically have to be IDI_ICON? (they''re both just bitmaps right?) 2. I''ve found VC 7.0 (.NET) likes to use it''s own bitmaps for icons but not the ones I make and then try to import. (it will let me use a bitmap I created using it''s bitmap editor when I do "Add Resource" but when I try to add a new Icon and import my bitmap, it only will make it a bitmap resource, not an icon. 3. It tells me when I import my bitmaps that "the file loaded correctly but since it has > 256 colors it cannot be displayed". But the ones that it creates in it''s own editor are 32 bit!! (I also can''t get Photoshop to go lower than 16 bit...) Can anyone walk me through the steps to get a bitmap I made loaded as the hIcon for my game? It CAN''T BE THIS HARD... MANY Thanks in advance. I''ve been trying to get this to work for the past 2 hours...

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1. No. Bitmaps and icons are different.

2. I dont quite understand your question although I believe the correct response is see #1.

3. I dont have MSVC++ 7.0 to verify but on MSVC++ 6.0 its editor makes only up to 8bpp bitmaps.

Instead of using MSVC++''s bitmap editor, use its icon editor. Use the resource created with that in LoadIcon().

Thanks Salsa!Colin Jeanne | Invader''s Realm
"I forgot I had the Scroll Lock key until a few weeks ago when some asshole program used it. It even used it right" - Conner McCloud

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Thanks for the reply Invader X.

But I still need to know how to make my own bitmaps (ones I create in Photoshop or some other art program) into icons to use.

I was hunting around on the internet for .bmp to .ico file converters but all of them have a 30 day trial period then want $30 to buy the registered version.

It can't be this complicated just to get a personalized .bmp converted to an .ico file! (You'd think one would be included in VC .Net).

Anyone know of any FREE ones?

[edited by - shadowDragon on February 27, 2004 1:24:53 PM]

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