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What File Format to Use???

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I need some advice on Modelling formats for an Open Source Project. It’s going to be a 3D Soccer game but before starting on that I’m going to need to create Player Models and other Objects. What would be a good file format to use? I know the following formats exist MD3, 3DS, X. What I’m hoping to find is a very flexible cross platform format with a specification so I can implement it, as there’s no point in inventing a file format if there’s something out there I could use. What would be a good one to use? I need UV maps, Skelton, and Rage-doll. I want to be able to save the model as NURBS, but then bake into Polys based off PC CPU speed. I plan to weight the model’s components based off Max-Mini Poly count, combined with a 100% of total model baked poly count. I know this mightn’t generate the most effect poly model but it’s more of an experiment in implementation, as I’m in the learning stage and not final model choice. So what do you guys think? Should I take one and modify it for my needs or will the Mother of Necessity be giving birth???

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