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Height maps -> Normal Maps

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In the Cg Tutorial book, it states that to generate a normal map from a height map you just : take each texel Hg and find the texel above it Ha and the texel to the right Hr. and use normal = ( Hg - Ha, Hg - Hr, 1 ) / sqrt( (Hg-Ha)^2 + (Hg-Hr)^2 + 1 ). Ok thats no problem its just if i take say a 64x64 image there will only be 63x63 normals on the normal map because i cant do the ones on the very right or very top can I? or do i just use this 63x63 normal map??

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I tend to use central differences for the interior points:

f[i+1][j] - f[i-1][j]

and just use forward or backward difference for the edges:

f[1][j] - f[0][j]
f[n-1][j] - f[n-2][j]

Of course, the same should go for the j direction too.

so 2 main sections

//Center calcs
for (i=1; i < n-1; ++i)
for (j=1; j < n-1; ++j)
// central difference

// Edge calcs
for (i=0; i < n; ++i)
// north edge
// east edge
// south edge
// west edge

Also, there may be a scaling factor involved, if the "heightmap" is really scaled (like into a 0-255 range, for example).


Piranha are people too.

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Uh... Just a thought here, but

A) wrap around the the other side of your map, if it wraps
B) go backwards one vertice for the last one. Yes you might have to invert it, i''m not sure, but that should still form a proper normal.

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