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problem with stl stack

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I am using the stl stack for my games state manager and my game keeps crashing. Here is the code for my state manager, and then I will further explain the problem.

#include <stack>
using namespace std;

class Cstate
	bool SetDevices(CinputDevice *kb, Cgraphics *gfx);

	virtual bool Init() {return true;}
	virtual bool Shutdown() {return true;}
	virtual bool Frame() {return true;}

	CinputDevice *keyboard;


	Cgraphics *graphics;

class CstateManager
	bool Push(Cstate *state);
	bool Pop();

	bool Init();
	bool Shutdown();
	bool Frame();

	int GetNStates();
	Cstate *GetTop();

	stack<Cstate *> stateStack;

bool CstateManager::Frame()
	return stateStack.top()->Frame();

//set up states

CstateManager stateManager; //state manager


CmenuState mainMenuState;

mainMenuState.SetDevices(&keyboard, &graphics);
//set up the state manager


CmenuState is derived from Cstate It crashes when I call stateManager.Frame(). And it says unhandled exception... access violation reading location 0x00000000. It breaks on this line, return stateStack.top()->Frame();. Does anyone know what the problem is. Also this is my first attempt at a state manager, and im not really sure if i did a very good job on it, does anyone have some suggestions for it.

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When do you call CstateManager::Frame()? Is it possible that Frame() is being called before you push anything on the stack?

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Ok i checked it out, and the state is not NULL before it gets pushed onto the stack, but once on the stack it is showing that stack.top() = NULL. what is going on.

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What does the CstateManager::Push() function look like?

edit: !@#$! smiley code

[edited by - SiCrane on February 27, 2004 11:56:30 PM]

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if (state = NULL)

should be

if (state == NULL)

You''re assigning NULL to state instead of checking state against NULL. Probably a sign that you''re compiling with the warning level too low.

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