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Filling Vertex Buffers with custom structures...

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ive got a custom structure struct Terrain_Chunk { sVertex Terrain_Section[4]; // For VB DWORD Terrain_Section_ID[4]; // For IB bool Viewable; // For Culling } and i have an array: Terrain_Chunk Terrain_Data[X]; is there any way i can fill a vertex buffer with the entire arrays Terrain_Section component? the usual memcpy(pVertBuff,Stuff_To_Copy,sizeof(Stuff_To_Copy)); call will be no good in this instance from what i can see as there is no offset so im guessing this function if called multiple times would just overwrite the current data within this VB... thanks to anyone who can help or has any nice ideas...

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You can copy to anywhere in the buffer. Something like this:

sVertex * pBuffer;
pVB->Lock( ..., &pBuffer, ... );
for ( int i = 0; i < X; i++ )
memcpy( pBuffer, Terrain_Data[ i ].Terrain_Section, sizeof( sVertex ) * 4 );
pBuffer += 4;

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