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Skinned Meshes, make my own or use directx's?

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Hi, im going to be using skeletal animation in my game, should i create the skeleton and assign the skin etc in the 3D model editor(anim8or), then use directx to load it and help me animate it etc. Or should i create the bones manually and place the skin on manually using my own classes etc. ================================= The first thing mentioned, i thought might be easy as i can easily edit the skeleton from the 3D modeler program. But I cannot find any decent tutorials, and the sample that comes with the SDK doesnt seem to use .x files, of which I would be using. And from what I''ve seen it looks a little bit more complicated then it should be to store the bones etc. For the second thing, I thought i could make a good interface for the bones etc, so the bone storage etc will be easy, and i can move bones like so(moveBone(boneNum,xAxisAngle,yAxisAngle,zAxisAngle) But for this ive had some trouble with the angles moving properly(it is correct, so the computers fault!), anyway placing skin etc would be hard also. Sorry for the lengthy text, so which method should i use, i really can''t decide. Thanks,

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Im rather new to direct x also, so don''t know how relevant my post would be. as far as I know most games use external files for their meshes for the simple fact that doing all the calculating for the mesh before loading it would be quite a mess, not to mention making your coding about 100 times bigger then needed.

However, you are able to use that stuff to generate your own meshes then save them to .x format. Though would be good to do that as seporate from the game itself.

What programming language do you use? If visual basic, you may want to look at directx4vb.com. That should help you a little in many areas of directx.

Curious. Do you use the conv3d from the sdk with anim8or? If so, I''ve been kind of stuck with a small problem of it loading up real dark and appearing not to have normals.. any clue?

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Oh i use x-convert 1.0, its pretty good, all you have to do is select the .3ds file, the output folder, then click convert.

their website no longer works(http://dpolli.free.fr) but search around for it.


Im using c++, i hate that there isnt a directx4vb for c++, i use to use vb, but found it too messy.

I''ll try and use the directx way of loading mesh then ,

..and then i guess try put my own interface over it.


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