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I''ve been asking lately for some people to help me with a game, but without any replies. So, I''ll ask again. Here''s some info of what we''d like to have help us. Basically, we need a modeler. Although we''d like him (or her, I guess) to be a totally awesome modeler, we also realize that many of them are doing something else. So, we are asking for a modeler with some experience (Some means greater than three months, or something cool looking. We don''t want somebody who just picked up LightWave and THINKs that he can model). Now, a little info about our project''s plans. We are developing a strategy game (totally 3D). I don''t know how to describe it or anything, but that doesn''t matter, I can describe it later, if you''re interested. Ultimately, our team is working on this project in order to establish more team spirit (something like that) to work on a different game/engine (our next project), which will be a first person shooter, or something along those lines (no story or gameplay planned--one thing at a time). Before you think that we''re just dreamers, as I can assure you we''re not, we have experience in 3D engine development, and overall game development (I''m writing a whole 3D engine development tutorial series on my website, check it out if you don''t believe me!!!). This is not going to be a scrapped project, so you won''t have to worry. We''ve already worked too hard to scrap it, and we don''t like giving up (we have experience like I said also, and it''s not financially taking a lot of money--one of the main reasons commercial companies scrap ideas). We also have a "demo" if you''re interested. Keep in mind that I, nor anybody else on our team, is an artist, so it doesn''t look that great, but that''s life (we have some special fx, though--just no good scenery). Well, I''m not going to promise you shares of any possible profit, because we DON''T know if it will ever ship commercially (most of them DON''T). I want to be honest about that, and not to get people dillusional. What we are offering is a chance to work in a development team with several other people, and maybe future team development. If our game does end up going commercial (again, most games don''t--but many of those even fail... I''ve covered this above), you can be assured that the cash would be equally divided (i.e. 5 team members = 20%...), but I don''t want to give you false impressions. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention. We are looking for people that are willing to contribute some possible ideas, too. We aren''t a communist team, so we don''t want to force things down your throat. We would prefer that you don''t want things forced upon you, as we believe that it makes better games with group input (and in general--the U.S. and U.K. etc. are much better off than Cuba, no offense, though). This is getting much too long and I''m tired. If your interested, email me at: frag_daddy_@hotmail.com Also, check out my website. Mike Weber shockonline.homestead.com/openglgameprogramming.html

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