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Wormy Hellcar

[C++] unnamed anonymous union initialization problem

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Hello. I''m using VS.NET 2k3 and I''m running into some problems initializing an unnamed union that contains references. The simplified code is
struct MyStruct
	union { int& i; int& j; };

	MyStruct(int &a) : i(a) 
	{ }
It gives me the error
error C2758: ''MyStruct::__unnamed::j'' : must be initialized in constructor base/member initializer list 
This seems a little silly as it shouldn''t have to initialize the memory twice, and doing so infact gives me a warning. Giving it a variable name and using that in the initializer list works, but that defeats the whole purpose of using it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work or is it not supported by C++ at all?

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A union with members of reference type is illegal C++. (From Section 9.5, paragraph 1 in the C++ Standard: "If a union contains a static data member, or a member of reference type, the program is ill-formed.")

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G++ gives a similar error, so it isn''t the compilers fault.

I think the problem here is that references ALWAYS have to point to a valid object. What happened if you added a non reference type to the union. If you were ever to use it, then the reference would be invalid. It just doesn''t make sense to put a reference in a union. Don''t do it.

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