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Thanks everyone who helped makeing this game huge game level come along! Ok I finally got all the buildings abled to go in. I created stores where hopefully when programmed by a progammer people can buy the furniture here. I got the level almost like real life. But I got two more question before I release a fly though demo or start asking for help. I created clouds that follow a track and spin around causing storms with out warning. So when it does rain i was wondering should i stick with the old fashion rain that goes threw the ground sometimes causing a little splash? Or should the water level rise at times causing flooding and such? I figure a pregrammer can program the water model to raise when rain is coming down for a long period of time. Also I created the Hollywood wanna be place where players can work there way up to create movies in the game. This idea sounds hard but I know with really good programmers its gotta be possible. But what I was wondering would the camera people use to record would it be like a replay when played in the worlds tvs? or would someone have to program it all the time? I need to know this becuz I dont know weather movies should only be played in movies theaters on tvs at the avatars home. Or while at home the only thing on tv will be weather and news and that where be just a bitmap updated every 5 hours. I really want this tv idea in the game. I want this game to be really close to real. I wrote down all my ideas on it if you want to talk more about this and give me advice it would be relle cool if you have aol or aim PLEASE im me. if you need my screen name just ask! Also if you want to hepl weither ur a progammer or beginner it would be kickass to start a team and create a cool website and actually push this game to success, THanks again!

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Yeah, you really need to focus on organizing your questions. I'm not really sure what all you're asking about, but it seems like you've got several thread's worth of things to discuss.

Stock advice: Start small and work your way up. Everquest wasn't built in a day after all (that's the game everyone's trying to imitate nowadays, right? ).

The Phoenix shall arise from the ashes... ThunderHawk -- ¦þ

[edited by - Thunder_Hawk on March 5, 2004 7:50:48 PM]

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