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Managed DirectX 9, C# and Creating a 2D or Iso Engine

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I''ve got a project going over at http://tangle.thomson.id.au and part of the project requires me to create a 2D engine using Managed DirectX 9 and C#. As long as I can create the wrapper, I should be ok, but I haven''t done any 3D programming before, and I''d really like to use Direct3D instead of DirectDraw because I want to be able to take advantage of all the hardware acceleration that just isn''t there in DirectDraw. I haven''t been able to find much in the way of help that I can easily understand at this point, though. I''ve found several tutorials about making 2D engines in C++ with DirectX 8 and 9, and I''ve gone through the DirectX 9 Documentation several times looking at the tutorials and whatnot, but it''s all a bit of a mish mash and my head is starting to hurt. Has anyone created a nice efficient basic Isometric or Tile-based wrapper using Managed Direct3D? If not, does anyone want to help me make one that we all can use? I''m not having much luck finding anything like this that already exists. Failing that, maybe I''ve missed a tutorial somewhere that does exactly what I''m trying to do. Anyway, help would be appreciated!

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We are making some turn based game with 3D tiled map (or grid?). You can check it out on:

Source is available on gotdotnet site:

If you think you can use something, I`ll be glad to help...

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Wow that''s some nice stuff there... how flexible is the graphics engine? We''ve got kind of a specific way we need to build the client in order for it to support our "dumb terminal with cached content" concept...

Snowman | Ardaxus | Nathan
Tangle - Persistent World Toolkit

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