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Matrix multiplication

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Hullo, I have calculated the inverse of a matrix using nag fortran routines. I have also asked the user to input a 2x1 matrix. What i''m having trouble with is to multiply these 2 matrices. The inverse matrix is a 2x2 matrix but it could be any dimensional. The code of what i''ve done so far is: /*LU Factorisation */ f07adf_(&n, &n, (double *)jac,&lda, ipiv, &info); /*calculating inverse*/ f07ajf_(&n,(double *)jac,&lda, ipiv, work,&lwork, &info); /*Printing out the Inverse matrix*/ printf("Inverse Matrix: \n"); for(i=0;i[j]); } printf("\n"); } /*Input the Functional Equations evaluated at X0,y0*/ printf("Please enter the values of the Functional Equations evaluated at X0, Y0.\n"); printf("These were calculated in the beginning of this system.\n"); for(i=0;i

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Use the [ source] tags to prevent your code from being jubalyed.
Original post by ripz
So what I am having difficulty with is to multiply the jac[j] matrix with f[i].
Do you have tentative code to do that? If you know how to do matrix multiplication on paper, the code shouldn''t be very hard to build.

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