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clipping to a non-rectangular region in windowed mode

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How can you specify a non-rectangular region for a Direct X''s clipper object? Is it possible? I''ve figured out how to do windowed mode direct x and transparently draw a non-rectangular GUI on the desktop, and update it''s contents and stuff without any flickering or other graphical problems, and how to get it to clip it''s updating properly when windows are overlapping it. It even redraws correctly (and clipped properly) as other application windows are being dragged over it. (Took me a while, but I got there, lol. =P) All that''s all well and great, but what has me scratching my head is.. what about things like animated gifs in other applications that are partially obscured by my non-rectangular GUI? That is, my GUI is on top of theirs, but is only partially obscuring theirs. How can I get the animated gifs to display their updates properly, but clipped to the outline of my non-rectangular interface? Without causing flickering? I can do it behind a rectangular interface, that''s no problem. I just set up a clipper object and associate it with my main window. But that doesn''t work for a non-rectangular interface. The updating behind gets clipped to an invisible rectangle Around my GUI, lol. =/ I can.. hide my window.. capture the screen behind it.. and then show it again transparently.. but that causes flickering. Any tips on this? thanks, Kulerasi

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