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Unicode in console

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I''m just looking into how to use unicode, and display scandinavian characters in console programs. Just doing this to learn, only for fun. Is it possible to display æøå? in a console? with unicode? and how? pls give a brief code example that will do excatly that, because I''m confused about this.... take a brief look on this:
#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
#include <tchar.h>	// Include Unicode support functions

#define UNICODE
using namespace std;

int main()
	SetConsoleCP( 1252 );
	SetConsoleOutputCP( 1252 );

        return 0;
I belive SetConsole... only change what ascii page we are using (not true unicode). This ofcourse display the chars correctly, but it is not unicode?? I tried alot with wchar_t*, and to give it different values.. but still not correct output. pls help, thx in advance. I have been at msdn/google ... no luck, but I found stuff about the SetConsole...

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No suggestions?

I also tried using coutw << "æøå"; But no...

Do I have to specify an language to be able to use unicode as intended?

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No, you cannot use unicode in the console. The console is inherently an 8bit ascii display. When you go full screen with a console it is actually switching into a hardware text mode, and thus the console itself is limited to what can be shown in that hardware mode.

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Not in a normal console or a hardware text mode, no... but I think I''ve seen software consoles which permit UTF-8 output (but only ASCII input)

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